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A video expose that caught workers at the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) giving advice on how to obtain federal funds to run a brothel is giving lawmakers a new reason to restart attempts to kill the organization’s federal funding.

Many Republicans were calling to cut off ACORN’s federal funds last fall amid accusations of the group’s involvement in voter-registration fraud schemes during the election campaign.

That push began again on Monday when Sen. Mike Johanns, Nebraska Republican, introduced an amendment to a housing and transportation bill to strike all ACORN funding from the legislation. “I’d love to do this across the board,” Mr. Johanns told The Washington Times in a telephone interview. “But we are not going to stop here; we are going to follow the ACORN money.”

“Their story just gets worse and worse,” he said. “We’ve got state investigations of voter fraud and criminal activity and charges pending, and then the videos surface where people literally went to different ACORN offices and were very upfront they were going to run a prostitution ring, and they got advice for how they could list it on a tax return so it wouldn’t be obvious.”

“That’s as outrageous as it gets,” he added.

His amendment was successfully added to the bill by an overwhelming vote of 87 to 3 Monday evening.

The videos capturing ACORN workers giving advice on how to conceal a prostitution ring were recorded by James O’Keefe, who posed as a pimp, and Hannah Giles, who pretended she was a prostitute, during their sit-down talks with ACORN workers. Those videos were posted on

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