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He spent last season providing some of his thoughts and wit on a life in hockey with a pair of journalists whose audience is far from the stereotypical sports fan - Gemma Hooley and Chris Nelson of National Public Radio. Alzner and Brooks Laich conducted interviews with them on nearly a daily basis, and they also took recording devices home to provide audio diaries.

Hooley and Nelson produced short features from the material periodically throughout the season, and a 30-minute documentary called “Hockey Diaries: Ready to Play” will air nationally at the end of the month (Sept. 27 on WAMU 88.5 FM at 11 p.m. in the D.C. area). There also will be an hourlong version of the documentary available on the Internet.

“It was pretty cool,” Alzner said. “I can remember a lot of things that happened during the season more clearly because everything was documented. It was nice because it kind of slowed things down for me. I am very excited, and I know my mom is very excited as well. It will be interesting to see which clips they choose and what they left out. I’m sure it is cut well, so I don’t have to worry.”