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Mr. Khan maintained in a recent interview with The Washington Times that once he refused to yield to pressure from the Sharifs to denounce the Musharraf regime, and to loan the Sharifs money, he began to receive a series of grave threats. The Sears letter said that top officials with the Punjab police told Mr. Khan that they were given “pre-determined statements” by the Sharifs to coerce Mr. Khan to bend to their wishes.

Recently, one of the Sharifs’ advisers communicated a threat to Mr. Khan while on a visit to the U.S., Mr. Sears wrote.

“I would like to provide the details of that threat, including the person involved, but will not in writing without a guarantee from the State Department that the information will not be shared with Pakistani officials,” wrote Mr. Sears, pointing to a history of human rights violations and extrajudicial killings in Pakistan.

“The question remains as to what history must exist, or what record must be made, before the State Department will refuse to hand over an American citizen to such an environment,” he wrote.