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“Sufficient facts continue to show the evil nature of Falun Gong and its harmfulness to the society and peoples human rights, though it’s been trying hard to disguise itself as a peaceful movement,” he added. “Over the years and as an anti-China political organization bent on undermining social stability in China and overthrowing the Chinese government, its been sparing no effort to preach cult doctrines, cheat the public, fabricate lies vilifying the Chinese governmen and engage in activities to sabotage China-U.S. relations.”

In the past, Chinese government representatives have denied the allegations, saying the country abides by World Health Organization principles that prohibit the sale of human organs and require written voluntary consent from donors.

Still, in December 2006, the Australian government said it had abolished training programs for Chinese doctors in organ-transplant procedures in two hospitals and also banned joint research programs with China on organ transplantation. In early 2007, Israeli health insurance carriers stopped sending patients to China for transplants.

On March 16, the House of Representatives passed Resolution 605, urging the Chinese Communist Party to end its campaign against the Falun Gong and expressing “sympathy to Falun Gong practitioners and their family members who have suffered persecution, intimidation, imprisonment, torture and even death … because of adherence to their personal beliefs.”

“The scale and scope of this persecution is severe,” said Levi Browde, executive director for the Falun Dafa Information Center, “and with something this large, the news coverage doesn’t match the scope of it. This is not a small fringe group. This is tens of millions of people. People think this is a weird fringe group but these are heartland Chinese with traditional Chinese values.”

Mr. Gutmann pointed out that the White House has “no clear policy” on the Falun Gong.

“At present,” he said, “the research we’re presenting on this panel is a distraction at best and an annoyance at worst.”

When the giant Internet search engine company Google disclosed in January that Chinese hackers had stolen information from its computers, that, he added, “was a wake-up call” to the U.S. government.