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NASA scrambles to fix space station

CAPE CANAVERAL | NASA is scrambling to come up with a repair plan for a serious malfunction that’s knocked out half of the cooling system on the International Space Station.

Engineering teams have been working nonstop since one of two cooling loops shut down Saturday night. A pump that drives ammonia coolant through the lines on the right side of the space station has failed.

Astronauts Douglas Wheelock and Tracy Caldwell Dyson will venture out Thursday to replace the pump. A second spacewalk will be needed to finish the job, probably Sunday.

NASA says the six residents are safe and the outpost is stable. But lots of equipment remains shut off to prevent overheating.


Landmark auto-repair bill doesn’t pass

BOSTON | A bill that supporters say would allow Massachusetts consumers to get vehicles fixed at a wider range of repair shops has failed to gain approval.

The legislation, called the “Right to Repair” bill, was passed by the Massachusetts Senate in July, but it never came up for a House vote before the legislative session ended Saturday.

The bill would have required auto dealerships to sell codes, tools and information needed to repair cars to independent auto dealerships and vehicle owners.

Independent repair shops says they need the information to repair many cars. Opponents argue that the proprietary information would end up in the hands of companies that make generic parts.

Massachusetts would have become the first state to pass such a measure.


Pastor returns after gay report

MINNEAPOLIS | A Lutheran pastor who opposes homosexuals being allowed to lead congregations said he is attracted to men, but said he’s not a hypocrite because he never acted on his urges.

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