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Further expansion remains a possibility, although Delany said the Big Ten “is not actively involved” at the moment. He said the league will probably decide in December whether to look into it again.

If it does, Penn State coach Joe Paterno hopes the conference looks east.

“It would help us particularly in the recruiting, the television and all those kinds of things, that are pluses that you get when you expand as we have with Nebraska,” he said.

And he was in favor of adding the Cornhuskers, calling it “a good move for the Big Ten.”

Penn State played them every year from 1979-83 when Osborne was their coach, but Paterno’s history against Nebraska goes back even farther.

“I coached, actually, as an assistant coach long before _ not long before, but before even Bob Devaney or Tom did, when Bill Glassford was coaching out there,” Paterno said. “They beat us out there and they had a great running back by _ I think (Bobby) Reynolds was his name, one of the best backs in the country.”

He was looking forward to seeing Osborne and got a chance to pose for a picture with him and Delany.

For all the talk about maintaining traditions and rivalries, some coaches were looking forward to creating a new one with Nebraska.

Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz called it “a home run” and “a great thing for the conference.”

Wisconsin’s Bret Bielema approached the league about playing Nebraska in the season finale every year and likes the idea of a conference championship game.

“I don’t know where it’s going to go,” he said. “But for me personally I think it would be a very exciting thing.”