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Nixon’s first two attorneys general were accused of Watergate-related crimes and the third, Elliot Richardson, resigned to protest Nixon’s efforts to limit the investigation into the break-in and cover-up attempts.

Searching for a nominee who would be easily confirmed, the president chose Mr. Saxbe, a lame-duck one-term U.S. senator who had once labeled the Nixon administration “one of the most inept” in history.

Mr. Saxbe took office in 1974 served for just longer than a year. He resigned Feb. 1, 1975, six months after President Ford took office, to become ambassador to India.


Tests show Durbin free of cancer

Senate Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin, Illinois Democrat, doesn’t have cancer.

Joe Shoemaker, a spokesman for Mr. Durbin, said Tuesday that a growth that the senator had removed from his stomach earlier this month was benign. Doctors had found no traces of cancer before Mr. Durbin’s surgery, but the type of tumor he had removed can be cancerous.

Mr. Durbin is the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate. He underwent surgery on Aug. 12. After surgery, a full biopsy was performed and showed no signs of cancer. Doctors also performed tests on other parts of Mr. Durbin’s body but detected no cancer.

Mr. Shoemaker said Mr. Durbin won’t require any additional treatment for the tumor and is resuming a full schedule.


Safety violations widespread at mines

CHARLESTON | Federal regulators say recent surprise inspections show that despite increased enforcement, underground coal mines continue to violate safety laws.

Mine Safety and Health Administration director Joe Main says it’s appalling to keep finding egregious violations, such as those revealed by the agency Tuesday.

MSHA says it found miners working under an unsupported roof at a Tennessee mine, and sections of a West Virginia mine were closed after inspectors found numerous serious violations.

Other problems turned up at two Kentucky mines, including an International Coal Group operation that was issued 43 citations last week.

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