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“We have confidence that the information US-VISIT provides to ICE will be increasingly credible and actionable,” he said.

US-VISIT’s Data Integrity Group checks the names of thousands of suspected overstayers each week against a variety of databases, Mr. Mocny said, and forwards hundreds of them a week to ICE.

Mr. Beers told Congress that the names forwarded meet certain “national security” criteria established by ICE. The exact criteria are classified, but include age, gender and country of origin.

Mr. Beers told Congress that ICE arrested 568 overstayers last year as a result of leads forwarded from US-VISIT. He added that more than 1,000 identified overstayers who had left the country were subsequently denied visas, while nearly 1,500 more were denied re-entry into the United States.

Officials would not comment on the timeline for any decision about an exit system, but Mr. Beers told Congress in March that Ms. Napolitano’s second review of the issue was “on her calendar.”