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Throughout the day, the crowd responded with chants of “USA! USA!,” which were interspersed with cries of “I love you, Glenn!” and “You’re a hero, Glenn!”

Afterward, audience members said they traveled hundreds, in some cases more than a thousand, miles to listen to Mr. Beck and Mrs. Palin, who abruptly resigned the Alaska governorship last year only to become an unofficial spokesperson for the tea party movement.

Christine Potter of Port Charlotte, Fla., said, “I’m all for everything Glenn Beck stands for — I’m for God.”

“I believe that we as a Christian nation have dismissed Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior,” the unemployed 40-year-old said. “If we don’t get back to God in this country, then we are in big trouble.”

Her husband, Mike, agreed.

“Charity isn’t the government taking our wealth and distributing it to others,” he said. “Charity is us giving our tithe at church and us helping people who are in need.

“It has been perverted into the idea that the government is the all-powerful, but God is,” he said.