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Prugo, another alleged Bling Ring mastermind, told authorities that Hilton’s home was actually targeted numerous times before a December 2008 heist nabbed the socialite’s jewelry and luxury clothes.

Hilton told the grand jury that she first noticed something was amiss when she spotted dirty shoe prints leading up the stairs to her bedroom.

“My closet where all my jewelry is kept had been ransacked and, you know, basically two full entire shelves were, I guess, pushed into a bag,” Hilton told the panel. Also gone was a topless photo of the socialite, which detectives said was recovered from Lee’s home.

Hilton’s home was also recently targeted by a man who authorities say showed up at the residence armed with two knives. Prosecutors have charged Nathan Lee Parada with one count of attempted felony burglary, although his case does not appear related to the Bling Ring.

Since the break-ins, several of the stars said they took greater caution with their home security. Despite their wealth and sophisticated security systems, several of the celebrities told jurors they couldn’t remember if they set their alarms, or even locked their doors, on the days of the break-ins.

“We have always sort of lived a very, I guess, trusting lifestyle and we just didn’t set the alarm,” Bilson said. “I now do, every time I leave the house. Even if it’s for 20 minutes.”