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If you knock out those supports, the entire cultural house comes tumbling down. And that’s exactly what secularists want. Their real target isn’t Christmas, or crosses, or nativity scenes - it’s the moral code that undergirds them. As Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote, “Without God, all things are permitted.” Secularists are banking on the truth of that.

Unless we change paths, our future isn’t hard to predict. The secularist minority will continue to undermine the Christian majority until its positions are reversed. And then we’ll see that the tolerance nonbelievers have been screaming about was nothing more than a ruse to seize control of the country and overturn a moral tradition they hate.

It’s time for Christians to fight back. We have to stand up for our national values and for what it traditionally means to be an American. When someone tries to marginalize our faith, we need to respond. When a company ignores the Christianity of the majority of its customers by replacing “Merry Christmas” with “Happy holidays,” we should stop patronizing that store. And if a city government decides to remove a nativity scene from public display, those responsible should be voted out at the next opportunity. If you attack me personally, my Christian faith bids me to turn the other cheek. But if you attack the Christian faith itself, get ready for a fight.

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