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Armstrong Williams

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Radio host and columnist Armstrong Williams. (Image courtesy of New Chapter Publisher)

A belligerent Islamic State is not a U.S. crisis

In the wake of the televised beheading of American journalist James Foley, there have been urgent calls among some in the media for an intensified U.S. military response to the Islamic State group — also known as ISIL —responsible for Foley's gruesome murder and a host of other barbaric atrocities across northern Iraq and Syria. There is also, understandably, some alarm, because ISIL has racked up a string of tactical victories in the Sunni-dominated regions of Iraq, culminating in the taking of the giant hydroelectric dam near Mosul. Published August 31, 2014

Gospel music icon Shirley Caesar at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington, D.C., with Armstrong Williams, executive editor of American CurrentSee.

Gospel music icon Shirley Caesar: 'God has been so good to me'

"I used to hope for a Grammy, or other awards, but now I have 11 Grammys. I am not disappointed: God has been so good to me. He has shown me favor, and I am so grateful. Here I am, over 60, and still being blessed," says Shirley Caesar. Published August 27, 2014

Radio host and columnist Armstrong Williams. (Image courtesy of New Chapter Publisher)

Who speaks for those the media forget in the Missouri killing?

In the past few weeks, the mainstream media have been consumed with the tragic events that continue to unfold in Ferguson, Missouri. An unarmed 18-year-old American named Michael Brown was shot at least six times by a Ferguson police officer. Published August 24, 2014

Radio host and columnist Armstrong Williams. (Image courtesy of New Chapter Publisher)

Ignorance of law doesn't change the facts

A lot has been written lately about the strange case of Ryan Rolle, a young man who is currently serving a life sentence for felony murder in Florida. Not only was Ryan not the killer of the teenage girl who died in a drug robbery gone wrong, he was not even present at the scene of the crime. He had no role in planning or carrying out the event, nor did he cover up for the actual killers afterwards. Published August 17, 2014

Radio host and columnist Armstrong Williams. (Image courtesy of New Chapter Publisher)

WILLIAMS: A time when our ally Israel most needs our support

As rockets continue to rain down on Israeli communities and Israeli troops act to quell the onslaught, I will be boarding a plane bound for the Jewish state to see with my own eyes exactly what is taking place. During my time in Israel, I will be reporting on the ground and conducting a series of in-depth interviews on the latest state of affairs. Published July 27, 2014

Radio host and columnist Armstrong Williams. (Image courtesy of New Chapter Publisher)

WILLIAMS: A minimum-wage hike that does maximum harm

Earlier this year, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office decidedly set forth a verdict on the effects of a minimum wage increase. The CBO concluded that an increase in the minimum wage does more harm to the low-income individuals it is attempting to help. Published July 20, 2014

Radio host and columnist Armstrong Williams. (Image courtesy of New Chapter Publisher)

WILLIAMS: Teacher union head gets failing grade

For the life of me, I can't seem to figure out why and how unions get into the business of educating our children. They always seem to do more harm than good, and those who suffer the most seem to be the ones unions profess to protect — the rank-and-file teachers. Published July 13, 2014

Radio host and columnist Armstrong Williams. (Image courtesy of New Chapter Publisher)

WILLIAMS: Patriotism is more than typical July 4 rituals

Throughout the day, you may have overheard talk of patriotism and what a sacrifice our veterans have made, but chances are, you were too stuffed with food to listen or were already taking an afternoon nap. Published July 6, 2014

FILE - This undated file family photo provided by Damon Stewart shows 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton of Chicago. A White House official says Michelle Obama will attend Saturday's funeral for Pendleton, the 15-year-old Chicago girl who was killed after returning home from performing during inauguration festivities for President Barack Obama.   (AP Photo/Courtesy of Damon Stewart, File)

WILLIAMS: Chicago's crime woes begin at the top

With urban crime nationwide undergoing a decade-long decline, Chicago sticks out like a sore thumb, with its record homicides and rising crime rates over the past few years. The chaos in Chicago is particularly troubling given that Chicago is the home base of President Obama and elected as mayor a former White House chief of staff who was essentially hand-picked by the Obama administration. Published June 22, 2014


WILLIAMS: Voting with their feet

People in Washington don't like to admit that they were wrong. No one saw Rep. Eric Cantor's primary loss coming, least of all David Brat, the economics professor who, on a shoestring budget, pulled off one of the biggest upsets in congressional history. Published June 15, 2014

WILLIAMS: A disturbing tendency: Obama taking bad deals

President Obama is doubling down in his defense of his defying the rule of law, his exercising poor judgment, and his mischaracterizing (I'm trying to be charitable) the service of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl — all in service of his ill-conceived "deal" to free the lone American serviceman held captive in Afghanistan. Published June 9, 2014


WILLIAMS: A Palestinian alliance that undermines peace with Israel

Polls consistently show that many Americans don't know, let alone truly care about, what goes on outside the borders of this country. Walk down the aisle of your local grocery store and the trove of magazines available for purchase will lead you to the logical conclusion that most Americans are far more fixated on what goes in within the 30-mile zone of Hollywood than on life-and-death issues confronting people across the globe. Published June 1, 2014


WILLIAMS: New responsibilities come with the burden of ownership

Donald Sterling's publicly disclosed comments depict an anachronistic view of race relations in this country. The NBA owner's interview tour is beyond incomprehensible, sad, ignorant and completely shows that he has lost touch with reality. Published May 18, 2014

WILLIAMS: Redeeming the image of black men in the media

High school graduation rates are at a historic all-time high. Black students are helping drive this historic trend by graduating at a 69 percent clip — their highest rate in years. But you wouldn't know this by watching mainstream media outlets. Published May 4, 2014

WILLIAMS: A duty to be wealthy?

Although I've written extensively in the past on the subject of money, there are always new facets to consider as time goes on. One of the most important things that arose lately is the role of wealth in family relationships. In my experience, the ability to contribute financially to one's family and to be a source of support in times of need is one of the most important and beneficial uses of wealth. Published April 27, 2014