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Police officers stand in a street next to Le Carillon, a bar-cafe where people were killed and several gravely injured, according to the prosecutor, in Paris, Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015. A series of attacks targeting young concert-goers, soccer fans and Parisians enjoying a Friday night out at popular nightspots killed over 100 people in the deadliest violence to strike France since World War II. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus)

A dance with the devil under the Paris moon

Sometimes life guides us in the strangest of ways. Just last week my production team and I arrived in London to begin filming a series of news pieces dealing with immigration in Europe and the threat of domestic terrorism on the continent. Published November 15, 2015

Deputy Darren Goforth (Associated Press/File)

Cops put it all on the line for their communities

Public agitation and rhetoric surrounding police relations with the black community have reached a fever pitch. Many have already chosen sides, either blindly siding with law enforcement or, conversely, viewing every publicized encounter between police and black citizens as a referendum on race. Published November 8, 2015

Outsider candidates mirror rise against mainstream media

The latest CNBC-moderated Republican primary debate provided the clearest evidence yet of how disconnected the mainstream media has become in this country. The debate was full of petty provocations, irrelevant topics (should the government regulate fantasy football really?!?), and loaded "gotcha" interrogation-style questions that bared the media's consistently liberal bias and smug disregard for the concerns of the American voting public. Published November 1, 2015

Armstrong Williams

Wealth-building through sustained virtues and values

As we move out of our blistering hot summer and then to the most stay at home and less traveled season of the year, it's important to point out that acquiring wealth doesn't necessarily give us peace, solitude, and the complete full life we are in search of. Published October 27, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton (Associated Press, File)

No matter how she tries to bury it, email scandal will continue to haunt Clinton

Despite assertions to the contrary and her well-received Benghazi panel testimony, the controversy over Hillary Rodham Clinton's email practices is not just an issue of interest to the reporters she wishes would stop peppering her with questions about the topic. It is an issue that gets right to the heart of a vital question: Shouldn't the American people trust the person they elect to sit in the Oval Office? Published October 25, 2015

Palestinians burn tires during clashes with Israeli troops at a checkpoint between Jerusalem and the West Bank city of Ramallah. (Associated Press/File)

Under attack, Israel deserves American support

Here we go again. Israel, America's truest ally in the Middle East, is under terrorist assault, and the Obama administration is once again turning its back on the Jewish state. Published October 18, 2015

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy and Mayor Rahm Emanuel at a police speak in the City Council chambers, Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015 in Chicago. A group of Chicago aldermen are demanding that the city's police superintendent resign, pointing to the street violence that plagues the city. (Rich Hein/Sun-Times via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT, MAGS OUT, NO SALES, CHICAGO TRIBUNE OUT **FILE**

To curb Chicago violence, bring in the Nation of Islam

The situation in Chicago is so desperately broken that alternative solutions bear considering. One of the few sources of strong leadership in many of these communities is the Nation of Islam. Published October 11, 2015

House Speaker John A. Boehner, Ohio Republican (Associated Press/File)

On Capitol Hill, farewell to the carpenter

Although I have never formally met outgoing House Speaker John A. Boehner -- which is interesting in itself given that we travel in many of the same circles -- I feel like I know him well. Published October 4, 2015

Conservative columnist, author and broadcaster Armstrong Williams

What if black lives really mattered?

On the first anniversary last week of the controversial death of Michael Brown, protesters in Ferguson, Missouri took to the street with the urgent message that "black lives matter." Published September 28, 2015

President Barack Obama, accompanied by Secretary of State John Kerry, meets with veterans and Gold Star Mothers to discuss the Iran Nuclear deal. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Congress must oppose the dangerous Iran deal

As Congress inches closer to voting on the Iranian nuclear deal, an historic mistake that will bless the world's foremost sponsor of terrorism becoming a nuclear threshold state, Americans should be terrified. Published September 28, 2015

Ahmed Mohamed with his "clock." (The Dallas Morning News via Associated Press)

Muslim teen assembles a 'clock' and a dangerous PC media trap

The attacks of Sept. 11 and the scores of other attempted assaults have shown that we are right to be vigilant. But when school officials in Texas took swift security precautions to protect their students recently, they instead found themselves tarred and feathered, accused of hatred and Islamophobia. Published September 27, 2015

Qassem Soleimani (AP, File)

An emboldened Iran: The other side of the nuke deal

Putting aside the debate over whether the Iran nuclear deal means nuclear weapons in the near future, let's for a moment discuss the irrefutable risk this deal imposes right now: It funds further Iranian aggression in the Middle East. Published September 20, 2015

Radio host and columnist Armstrong Williams. (Image courtesy of New Chapter Publisher)

The people of Israel live

In the coming days Jews in Israel and worldwide will celebrate Rosh Hashanah -- the start of the new year, 5776. During the ensuing days of awe, the Jewish people will gather together, search their souls, repent for their sins and stand humbly before the heavenly father to ask for his blessing. Published September 13, 2015

(The National Trust for Historic Preservation via AP)

On Labor Day, a search of the missing American worker

A striking facet of the economic downturn that started in 2008 and the "recovery" that continues today is the unprecedented slack in the American labor force. While statistical unemployment has dropped to pre-recession levels, labor force participation remains strikingly low and wages have remained stagnant — affecting consumer demand and economic growth. Published September 6, 2015

big pile of money. stack of american dollars **FILE**

Wealth building 101: Squirrel something away

One of the most important things a good business person can do in the early stages of his or her career is to squirrel something away. Whether one's source of income initially comes from employment or profits from a business venture, some money should be stashed away to be applied to future opportunities. Published August 30, 2015

Secretary of State John F. Kerry this spring asked the department's inspector general to review the security standards that let his predecessor conduct official business on a private email account. The IG is allowed to interview any department employee. (Associated Press)

Deal with Iran is a national security tragedy

The mullahs in Iran call the United States the Great Satan, but we are the ones who just made a deal with the devil. And this devil also just hit the jackpot. Published August 27, 2015

Protesters gather along West Florissant Avenue during a demonstration in Ferguson, Mo., Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2015. The St. Louis suburb has seen demonstrations for days marking the anniversary of the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, whose shooting death by a Ferguson police officer sparked a national "Black Lives Matter" movement. Tuesday was the fifth consecutive night a crowd gathered on West Florissant, the thoroughfare that was the site of massive protests and rioting after Brown was killed.  (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

What if black lives really mattered?

On the first anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, took to the street with the urgent message that "black lives matter." The phrase has come to symbolize a movement largely focused around instances of alleged police abuse against black citizens, a problem that many in the movement see as a systemic lack of regard for the sanctity of black life by law enforcement. Published August 23, 2015

A woman walks past Westminster Abbey in central London, Tuesday Nov. 23, 2010. Britain's Prince William, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, and Kate Middleton will marry April 29 in Westminster Abbey, the historic London church where Princess Diana's funeral was held. Royal officials said Tuesday that the couple chose the venue for its beauty, intimacy and historic royal connections. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

In London, a tale of two Europes

My most recent trip to London was probably one of the most enjoyable and enlightening since I began travelling to Europe during the summers over 20 years ago. My previous trips had focused mostly on France and Italy, but as a Washingtonian and somewhat of a lover of history, visiting London had special significance. Published August 16, 2015