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* It’s important to emphasize that this battle is not over. For example, state Delegate Robert G. Marshall, Virginia Republican, has introduced legislation instructing the Virginia National Guard to bar homosexuality. That should spur similar legislation.

Virginia Col. Richard Black, U.S. Army retired, who was chief of the Army’s criminal-law division and who compiled a list of 100 cases of homosexual misconduct, said, “Congress must amend Article 125, UCMJ, to permit consensual sodomy, which is now a serious crime. Otherwise, an intractable conflict would remain between regulation and law.

“The statutory ban imposed by 10 USC 654 [the 1993 law passed by Congress and watered down to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”] was relatively new, dating back to the Clinton presidency. However, Gen. George Washington first instituted the ban in the Continental Army in 1778 by drumming out those who engaged in acts of sodomy. The homosexual ban has been maintained ever since. Obama breaks a 232-year military policy.”

A more conservative Congress should restore the law. At some point, America’s temporary plunge into moral insanity must end, or it will be the end of this self-governing republic that God has blessed so richly - up to now.

Robert Knight is a senior writer for Coral Ridge Ministries and the author of the new book “The Truth About Marriage: Defending God’s Plan for the Family” (2010,