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As for those border crossings, extra guards have been implemented for the games. Officials are planning so even the lengthiest delay won’t exceed 90 minutes, even at the busiest crossing in Washington state at the Peace Arch in Blaine, Washington, where Interstate 5 runs into British Columbia. If there is a lengthy delay at the I-5 crossing, there are other alternatives to get into British Columbia faster, but even with a decent delay at the border, a fan can get from a hotel in Bellingham to the SkyTrain station in less than two hours.

So, for fans who want to sample the Olympic experience with a North American flair, it’s not too late to get to Vancouver reasonably inexpensively. One just has to be a bit creative.

WHAT: XXI Winter Olympics, Vanvouver, British Columbia, Canada

WHEN: Feb. 12-28, 2010

WHERE: CoSport (; Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee (