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Now that Mr. Arenas has publicly admitted his guilt and has faced gun charges elsewhere, he cannot feign innocence or ignorance. After all, he was charged in 2003 with possessing an unlicensed firearm in San Francisco. That pistol, a .40-caliber handgun, was registered in Arizona but not San Francisco.

The Arenas story presents a perfect counterpoint to gun-control proponents’ argument that guns are unsafe. Guns take no action on their own.

A home-safety education plan seems appropriate - and who better to spread the word than Mr. Arenas after he pays his debt to society.

Motorists aren’t permitted to break D.C. traffic laws or other laws because they reside elsewhere. Gun owners must follow the letter of the law, too.

Mr. Arenas did not merely “make a mistake,” as some have said. A mistake is wasting yellow mustard on your white silk blouse, not committing a felony and throwing away your career. (Argh.)

The unfolding story on Mr. Arenas presents a timely opportunity to parents, gun rights advocates and family-values proponents. After justice runs it course, Mr. Arenas could be positioned to be a near-perfect role model on gun education.