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Science has shown that the brain reacts and takes in images in a certain way and can be detrimental in the developing mind of a child. When a man or woman becomes sexually aroused, the levels of endorphins and enkephalin in the prefrontal cortex are at their highest.

Whatever a person visualizes at that point — real or imaginary — his or her body glues to, hungers for and craves, and the adrenal glands imprint that image on the mind.

“If a man or woman ejaculates to pornography on a regular basis they will actually attach to sex as object relationships as opposed to intimate relationships,” Mr. Weiss said. “So they will actually hunger for object relationships, creating over time what we call intimacy anorexia.”

Sex, in its ideal sense, is relational, and object sex does not fulfill the relational aspect of that, said Mr. Weiss. A person doesn’t get that full satiation, but gets a different kind of buzz with object sex because it’s a different kind of sex.

With someone having to visualize that object in order to achieve sexual gratification, barriers are created, even at a young age, said Ms. Hughes.

“If they’re an addict, they stop developing spiritually, relationally and morally, at the age of the onset of the addiction,” said Mr. Weiss.

Pornography has become more interactive since leaking into other kinds of media and social networks. A “Campus Kiss and Tell” University and College Sex Survey in 2006 found that 87 percent of those students polled confessed to having virtual sex using mainly Instant Messenger, webcam and telephone.

Christian women aren’t safe from the influence and addictive qualities of pornography, either.

“I’m less and less surprised by it,” said Joshua Harris, author of the book “Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust Is)” and pastor at Covenant Life Church in Maryland. “Seven years ago, when I was writing that book, I was so surprised at how many women struggle with lust as much as men do.”

Many expectations and desires are set by society at an early age, which makes it easier for people to shrug off pornography as no big deal, Mr. Harris said.

Pornographic material, under the Constitution, can be put into two categories: soft-core and hard-core. Hard-core pornography is prosecutable under the law. Organizations like EIE are fighting to save children, teens, and parents from porn addiction by trying to get it off the Internet, Ms. Hughes said.

“If you don’t think you can fall into any kind of sexual temptation, you’re either godlier than David, wiser than Solomon, or stronger than Samson,” said Ms. Hughes.