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“By their disregard for private interests, and for the moral welfare and improvement of the people, both Greece and Rome destroyed the vital elements on which the prosperity of nations rests, and perished by the decay of families and the depopulation of the country.”

The liberal sex agenda is based on the falsehood that desires validate anything. They don’t. As Kirk summarized, this is a prideful trap made in hell:

“A man is afflicted by hubris, overweening presumption, if he tries to cast aside the wisdom of his ancestors and to create out of his tiny private stock of reason some brand-new structure of metaphysical doctrines.”

So, in the interest of honest labeling, may I suggest that conservatives who have no use for transcendent morality begin calling themselves something else?

Partial Conservatives? Bread-Alone Conservatives? Two-Legged-Stool Conservatives? (Better make that One-Legged for some Ron Paul supporters.)

Or how about just Former Conservatives?

Robert Knight is a senior writer for Coral Ridge Ministries and the co-author of the new book “Ten Truths About Socialism” (, 2010).