- - Sunday, July 4, 2010


L.A. approves pay in firefighters’ suit

LOS ANGELES | The Los Angeles City Council has approved a $2.5 million payment to two white fire captains who won a racial discrimination case in 2008 involving a black firefighter who was fed dog food.

The City Council approved the payment Friday for fire Capt. Chris Burton and Capt. John Tohill.

A jury initially awarded the captains $1.6 million in 2008. An attorney said the extra costs include legal fees and interest payments.

The captains sued the city in 2006 claiming they were made scapegoats for the misconduct of a firefighter who laced firefighter Tennie Pierce’s spaghetti with dog food.

In 2007, the city agreed to pay Mr. Pierce $1.5 million to settle claims that he suffered harassment and retaliation after co-workers served him the tainted food as a prank.


Diver dies while working on oil rig

CHICAGO | A waste services company said a diver performing maintenance on a client’s rig in the Gulf of Mexico, unrelated to the massive oil spill, died Friday after an underwater accident.

A statement from Chicago-based Veolia Environmental Services North America said the diver was working at a depth of about 250 feet from the company’s Normand Clipper vessel when “what might have been an underwater explosion” happened.

Veolia said rescue teams retrieved the diver but paramedics weren’t able to resuscitate him.

The company didn’t specify the client, but Margaret Cooper with Houston-based Chevron Corp. confirmed that a Veolia contractor died while performing maintenance on a Chevron rig.


4 sent to prison for child porn

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