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Larry Newirth and Dan Cathell spotted a white BMW 750 sedan on June 17. Then on Friday, they found a late-model Honda Accord. Police say the cars were stolen and abandoned. No arrests have been made.

Mr. Newirth, a 63-year-old retired carpenter, jokes that he and Mr. Cathell better stop finding cars or the police will think they’re the ones stealing them.

Mr. Cathell, a 44-year-old millwright, says he hopes the thieves stop dumping the cars from the boat ramp so police don’t close the dock to the public.


Later school starts benefit students

CHICAGO | Giving teens 30 extra minutes to start their school day leads to more alertness in class, better moods, less tardiness, and even healthier breakfasts, a small study found.

“The results were stunning. There’s no other word to use,” said Patricia Moss, academic dean at the Rhode Island boarding school where the study was done. “We didn’t think we’d get that much bang for the buck.”

The results appear in July’s Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. The results mirror those at a few schools that have delayed starting times more than half an hour.

Researchers say there’s a reason why even 30 minutes can make a big difference. Teens tend to be in their deepest sleep around dawn — when they typically need to arise for school. Interrupting that sleep can leave them groggy, especially since they also tend to have trouble falling asleep before 11 p.m.

“There’s biological science to this that I think provides compelling evidence as to why this makes sense,” said Brown University sleep researcher Dr. Judith Owens, the study’s lead author and a pediatrician at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, R.I.


Casino bill heads for secret phase

BOSTON | The debate over casino gambling is heading behind closed doors.

On Tuesday, legislative leaders are expected to name the appointees to a six-member conference committee charged with taking the Massachusetts House and Senate versions of the casino bill and drafting a final compromise.

Those discussion aren’t open to the public.

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