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The stiffer penalties are effective immediately and apply to any violation after June 1.


Commission set to reconsider rules

Federal regulators are reconsidering the rules that govern high-speed Internet connections. It’s a bitter policy dispute that could be tied up in court for years.

The Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to vote Thursday to begin taking public comments on three paths for regulating broadband. One of them is a proposal by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski to define broadband access as a telecommunications service subject to “common carrier” obligations to treat all traffic equally.

The plan has the backing of big Internet companies that want to be sure the FCC can prevent phone and cable companies from using their control over broadband connections to determine what subscribers can do online. The idea faces stiff resistance from broadband providers.


Pawlenty sets up fundraising in Iowa, N.H.

ST. PAUL | Republican Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has expanded his presence in two states pivotal to presidential politics by setting up fundraising operations in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The state-based political action committees announced Wednesday will let Mr. Pawlenty raise and spend money on behalf of Republicans running for state and local offices.

It’s a goodwill strategy common among likely presidential candidates.

Mr. Pawlenty is leaving office after his second term ends in January. He insists he hasn’t decided whether to try for the White House in 2012. But frequent travel and stepped-up party-building point toward a run.

Mr. Pawlenty has visited both Iowa and New Hampshire twice since ruling out another run for governor. He heads back to New Hampshire in July.


House approves pension overhaul bill

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