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“You’re from the West, but black. You’ve got weird hair and a big nose,” a neighborhood boy replies when “Barry” introduces himself.

“We have to stick together to achieve our goals and resolve our problems and fights,” Barry later tells his friends.

Mr. Dematra said: “When Obama first arrived, local kids rejected him, as he didn’t look like them. There was a scene where Obama was bullied, and he had to fight. He fought, and he won, and then they accepted him.”

The director said he wanted to give viewers a sense of how Indonesia’s cultural diversity — mostly Muslim, but with significant Hindu, Christian and other minorities — might have influenced “this pluralist and inspiring figure.”

The 100-minute film, produced by local company Multivision Plus Pictures, was due to debut earlier in June to coincide with a visit by Mr. Obama to his old hometown. But the trip was postponed owing to pressing issues in the U.S. Mr. Obama is now expected in November.

“I was disappointed about the delays. If Obama sees the film, I’m sure he’ll have a couple of minutes of reflection about his past. It will be a sweet memory for him,” Mr. Dematra said.

The makers are hoping to release the film internationally in September.