Walters spotlights year’s most fascinating people

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Walters learned something from Bieber, too. He taught Walters a new dance.

“This is a kid who is smart as can be and very talented at 16,” Walters said. And despite his huge success (he emerged as the biggest winner at this year’s American Music Awards), he hasn’t lost his grounding as a 16-year-old: “His mother still takes away his computer when he doesn’t behave.”

As Walters looked back at the year that served up her latest “Fascinating People,” she couldn’t help remark on what the year has meant to her: In May, she underwent open-heart surgery to replace a faulty valve.

“It was last year at this time that there began to be this shadow in my life,” she said, “because that’s when I heard that I might possibly have to have this surgery. Now that shadow is gone. I’ve been staggeringly busy the last few months, and I’m fine.

“It’s not that I’m fascinating, but I think my journey this year has been fascinating.”


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