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With more practice, right?

“You practice like you play,” center Mike Pouncey said. “It’s something that we’ve been trying to key on this last week, executing a lot better than we’ve had and finishing. If you practice at half speed, that’s how you’re going to play. Obviously, we’ve got to get better in practice.”

Meyer partly blamed his revamped coaching staff _ he had to hire four new assistants following the Sugar Bowl _ for practice inefficiency and said those issues were carrying over to games.

“Fundamentals don’t improve for a lot of reasons,” Meyer said. “No. 1 is you don’t practice them at game speed. No. 2 that you’re not taught very well. No. 3 is that the player is not good enough. No. 3 is not allowed around here. … There’s no trade or waiver wire. It is what it is, you got what you got, let’s get them better and find out what they can do.”

Meyer pointed out four main areas of concern:

_Turnovers. The Gators already have one more turnover this season (14) than they did in 2008. Eight of those have come during the losing streak.

_Big plays. Brantley has one pass play longer than 30 yards, and Florida has just six runs longer than 20 yards all year.

_Pass efficiency. Brantley’s numbers have been skewed numerous dropped passes, most of them by Deonte Thompson, and countless missed blocking assignments.

_Red zone. The Gators, who led the SEC in red-zone scoring the last three years, have three turnovers, two missed field goals and a failed fourth-down attempt inside the 20-yard line the last three games.

“We’ve obviously had some severe issues here the last three weeks that have been very damaging as far as the won-lost record,” Meyer said. “The issue is not finding the blame, but it’s finding a solution. That’s what we’re going to do this week.”