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Stamp to honor Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa is being recognized for her humanitarian work with the issuance of a new U.S. postage stamp.

The 44-cent stamp showing a portrait of the Roman Catholic nun is being released at a ceremony Sunday at Washington’s National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

Mother Teresa won the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize for her half-century of work with the sick and destitute of India and other areas. She was declared an honorary U.S. citizen by a joint resolution of Congress in 1996.


Obama’s ‘mainstream’ religion defended

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says President Obama is a “committed, mainstream Christian,” contrary to the claims of Fox News Channel commentator Glenn Beck.

Mr. Beck recently claimed that Mr. Obama practices a version of Christianity that is not recognized by most people. Mr. Beck says this “liberation theology” is all about “oppressors” and “victims.”

Mr. Gibbs was asked about Mr. Beck’s assertions Thursday at the White House press briefing.

Mr. Gibbs says, “I can only imagine where Mr. Beck conjured that from.”


Faster refunds issued on cards

A new Treasury Department program to give people without bank accounts faster access to their tax refunds will help some avoid costly short-term loans. But careless consumers could end up racking up fees and padding bank profits.

The pilot program using debit cards has two goals: steering Americans toward lower-cost ways of getting their refunds quickly, and saving the government the cost of printing and mailing checks and other overhead expenses.

“It’s part of a broader set of initiatives … to move toward the all-electronic Treasury,” said Michael Barr, Treasury’s assistant secretary for financial institutions. He said taxpayer savings are “a factor” in the move, but that Treasury sees tax time as an moment to encourage the use of lower-cost banking products.

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