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More than one thousand waited more than an hour on Wednesday for the team to emerge from the arena and board a bus for the airport, holding signs and screaming to show their appreciation.

The impact has come in little ways, too.

Skeen, a sociology major, said his sociology professor tailored a class to have it be about basketball and sociology, and that he participated more that day than he ever had before.

“I kept raising my hand and answering all the questions,” he said.

And Bradford Burgess, only of only two starters who will return next season, said he made a bad miscalculation on campus earlier in the week.

“I tried to walk through the bookstore when the Final Four shirts came out, which was a mistake because I was in there for like an hour, hour and a half just trying to sign autographs and shake hands,” Burgess said. “It’s definitely been crazy.”

Getting back onto the floor for a game, he added, might seem like a return to normal.

“We’re still a team playing, you know, with nothing to lose, and it’s definitely been a great experience, but we’re coming in to win a ball game and then to win another ball game,” he said.

“Us staying focused, we’ll be all right.”