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When asked last weekend by a television reporter how good he felt about the Nationals‘ two-game “winning streak,” Werth took the opportunity to assert his opinion on the topic.

“Two? Is that a streak?” he asked.

“For the Nationals it is,” the reporter replied.

“I don’t like your tone,” Werth said. “Unfortunately I feel like that’s the expectations of this team. Things like that. I feel like that’s a very typical answer from, not the guys in here, but I feel like that’s the expectations of the fans and of the media and that is something I want to change.”

If Werth’s experiences in Philadelphia taught him anything, though, it’s that the only thing that cures that kind of complacency is winning.

Since 2007, the Nationals are 21-51 against Philadelphia, a 30-game swing that’s more than obvious when the season totals are stacked up. The Nationals didn’t string four wins together in 2010 until Sept. 21-24 - proving significant winning streaks in Washington have been hard to come by - but expecting that to continue is what offended Werth.

“I care, period,” Werth said. “But perception isn’t changed overnight. Hopefully this team will be the team that can change the perception in Washington, D.C., and around the league and around the country. And it’s going to take winning to change that.”

“His expectations are high,” Rizzo said. “He’s not going to settle for mediocrity, and neither are we. … We see these guys as, they’ve won the division the last couple of years, they’re on the top of the mountain and our job is to knock them off.”