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The government “has determined it’s unlawful for Barry Bonds to tell the grand jury he’s a celebrity child and to talk about his friendship with Greg Anderson,” Ruby said.

Jurors said they unanimously agreed Tuesday on the obstruction verdict.

“When you’re in front of a grand jury you have to answer, and he gave a (expletive) answer,” said Fred Jacob, the 56-year-old jury foreman. “He gave a story rather than a yes-or-no answer.”

Jurors generally spent one day of deliberations on each count.

A 60-year-old juror, who identified himself only as Steve, thought the defense successfully impeached key prosecution witnesses Steve and Kathy Hoskins and Kimberly Bell during cross-examination.

“They tried to discredit the witnesses. They tried to make the prosecutors look like bad guys. Were they successful in doing that? Yes,” he said.

He also said the government was hurt by Bonds‘ physician, Dr. Arthur Ting, who refuted many of Steve Hoskins’ allegations.

“I think the prosecutors got a big bomb thrown in their lap,” Steve said.

Jacob said the absence of Anderson _ who was imprisoned during the trial on a contempt citation for refusing to testify _ hindered the government’s ability to prove Bonds lied about steroids.

“We couldn’t connect the dots between steroids, Greg and Barry,” he said.

On the HGH count, he said: “There just wasn’t any evidence. HGH is very hard to detect and there wasn’t any scientific evidence. Everything was circumstantial.”

The holdout on the “needle” count was a juror who identified herself as Nyiesha. She said she didn’t believe the testimony of Bonds‘ personal shopper Kathy Hoskins, who told the jury she watched Anderson inject the slugger in the belly.

“They were family,” Nyiesha said of the Hoskins siblings. “That left me with reasonable doubt.”

Nyiesha, a 28-year-old nurse, said she almost changed her mind Monday, but decided to remain steadfast after “sleeping on it.”

Other jurors said they found Kathy Hoskins to be the most credible of the central witnesses.

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