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The audit revealed that the committee spent $379,654 — or 46 percent of its total expenditures from August 2007 through March 2008 — on a company called Banner Consulting, which was retained to manage field operations for the campaign. Invoices provided by the committee, though, did not match services rendered by Banner. Of the money paid by the committee to Banner, $239,663 was then paid or transferred from Banner to Che Browns firm, which had reached a subcontracting agreement with Banner.

Partners in Learning netted more than $25,800 under the arrangement, according to a profit-and-loss statement submitted by the company.

Mr. Brown has said that while corrections had to be made to his OCF reports, “It is important to note that all funds received from our supporters were deposited into the committee bank account and used only for purposes of our campaign.”

He said the audit does show that professionals, instead of volunteers, should do his campaign reports in the future.