- - Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Even among the nuzzling press here in Washington, the shine of President Obama has worn off.

Hope and Change has crashed upon the craggy shores of reality.

Gitmo is still open and open for trials — a perfect double backflip rare even by Washington standards.

And then there were Mr. Obama’s worldly-wise assurances that peace would reign and everybody would love us if only we had a sophisticated, multilingual president who had lived abroad, on other continents, with roots in the Muslim world.

Instead, he has shepherded us from feared and loathed to just loathed. And, of course, mocked.

Even reporters, the most ardent foot soldiers of Mr. Obama’s 2008 campaign, have felt the sting of his unkept promises.

He accepted an award for his much-bragged-about “openness” behind closed doors. And he barred entry to even a single reporter when he signed a historic treaty to further reduce our nuclear defenses.

White House reporters grumbled privately that even the scorned Bush administration never would have clamped down so tightly on the free press.

Now comes Mr. Obama’s new re-election campaign slogan: “It begins with us.”

In other words, he is not seeking a second term. He wants a do-over.


So, it stands to reason, the press will not be snookered again. Or, at least it won’t be out there shamelessly trying to snooker voters this time around.

Think again. Your trusted mainstream media is every bit as much in the bag for the Obama campaign this time as it was last time.

The most stunning example of this has played out in the two weeks since the release of grisly photographs showing our own troops murdering Afghan citizens and posing for gruesome pictures with the corpses.

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