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“His resume speaks for itself as does the rest of the coaching staff,” Griffin said. “They all played the game before. It’s not just somebody saying do this, do that. … I feel very confident about this upcoming season.”

For Munchak himself, he’s been coaching offensive linemen since 1994. He’s still trying to settle into what the head coach does during practices and said he didn’t know half of what went on during practice until after the first full session.

“It was fun watching the coaches coach a little bit, watching their techniques and seeing their interaction with the players and getting to watch the different positions and seeing how guys are working and their work ethic,” Munchak said.

He even grabbed the microphone Sunday night just as practice got started, thanking fans for coming out. Later, he sent all the players to the fence to sign autographs for fans.

And why the soundtrack? Munchak said they saw how energized children got with the music playing during a charity event in June, so he decided to keep playing music for both players and fans in training camp to help break up the quiet. Munchak admits that most of the music might not be on his iPod but his daughter’s.

“But it’s a good beat, so that’s all you want when you’re trying, when we started getting through these dog two-a-days,” Munchak said.


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