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“I already know who will make the best friend,” he said. “But we need to weigh who will make the best president of the United States.”

Mr. Perry’s entrance into the race is expected to have the most immediate impact on Mrs. Bachmann’s campaign. Both politicians have strong backing among tea party activists and social conservatives, but the congresswoman took the high road Sunday.

“I welcome anyone who’s coming into the race, and I think it will be good competition for everyone,” Mrs. Bachmann said. “He’ll run his campaign, we’ll run ours, but we really look forward to that.”

Still, she added the Waterloo event to her schedule after the Perry campaign announced that the Texas governor would attend.

On her tour of the Sunday talk shows, Mrs. Bachmann attacked the Obama administration on the economy.

“We’re in a mess, and we can turn this around,” she said on Fox, “but we have to have a president who is sending a message that we’re serous about business. I am.”

She said recent bad news about the economy has been a “punch to the gut” for the American people.

She talked about removing “regulatory” red tape to get the economy flourishing again.

“What we’re doing right now isn’t working,” she said. “We’ve got to turn it around.”

On “Meet the Press,” host David Gregory pressed Mrs. Bachmann on her views of homosexuality, which she has described as “sad” and “sexual dysfunction.” He also asked whether an atheist could serve in her administration.

She said religious views or sexual preference would not be a litmus test in her administration.

“I am running to be the president of the United States,” she said. “I am not running to be any person’s judge.”