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“Years ago, we wouldn’t have done that. But you can lose your pension. The men die young,” Ms. Gamble adds.

For the women, whose Leisure World outings have included a trip to the male stripping troupe Chippendales, life goes on.

“We go wild every now and then,” says one of the oldest yet liveliest residents, who says that around these parts, she’s known so well she goes simply by Mimi, “like Lady Gaga.”

There are about 130 clubs, residents say, but one of the most popular is a singles club.

“I wanted to go, but my wife wouldn’t let me,” Mr. Katz says.

The club is where Mr. Byron and Ms. Hahn met. “We were buds,” Ms. Hahn says.

“And now they’re living in sin,” Mr. Katz interjects.

For the prevalence of friends, contained living and parties — and scarcity of work — residents often compare Leisure World with college. “It’s like living in a dorm,” says Barbara Katz, Mr. Katz’s wife. “You come here, and everybody knows your name.”

And so, of all the differences one might expect between life at a university and life at a retirement community, this is, perhaps, the biggest: The Going Alone Club is “about 100 women and two men,” says Jim Angle.

Adds Mimi: “There used to be four.”