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* Of the nearly 2 million military voters residing in the states covered by the report, only 89,887 or 4.6 percent cast an absentee ballot that counted in 2010.
* While 310,625 military voters requested an absentee ballot in 2010, only 31 percent of those ballots were returned to be counted by local election officials.
* There were widespread failures by federal officials — in particular, the Department of Justice — to implement and enforce a new federal law designed to protect military voters. These failures had a clear and undeniable impact on military voters.

“The data says it all — it is disappointing that military voters continue to have their voices silenced on Election Day,” said Eric Eversole, founder and executive director of the MVP Project. Mr. Eversole, a veteran of the Navy JAG Corps, added, “If we are going to turn this ship around, it has to be a top priority for both the states and the administration.”

Professor Kyndra Rotunda, who directs Chapman’s AMVETS Legal Clinic, said: “We are delighted to co-publish this important research, and we are proud of the Chapman and Berkeley Law students who uncovered the raw data behind it.”

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