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Seriously? That’s your benchmark? You waited until voters demanded the insanity stop and then you sound the alarm? You waited until we were $14 trillion into debt before you woke up?

Where were you when Congress began raiding Social Security to pay for their boondoggles? Where were you when Congress started piling on trillions in debt? Where were you when President Obama doubled down on debt with his unstimulating “stimulus” package?

These are the castoff nerds and losers who could never hack it on Wall Street or in the business world. So they enrolled in the Ivory Tower of academic economics where they have been granted the power by Washington to pick winners and losers.

And they still can’t get it right.

Together, they invented “too big to fail,” which was the only way the government could maintain its blue-chip status to borrow cheap money at a staggering and immoral pace that will enslave generations to come.

These are the true financial terrorists and they all deserve each other. But America certainly deserves better.

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