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Ms. Martinez told CNN that nominees need to meet the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce committee’s criteria: awards and honors in entertainment, philanthropic work, longevity in the field, and the willingness to agree to the ceremony and pay $30,000 for the star’s installation and upkeep on the street.

Not all stars who work in reality have been banned. “American Idol” host and E! News anchor Ryan Seacrest has a star commemorating his radio career. Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons of Kiss are both on the walk as well, but for their music careers instead of their reality shows.

Judge Judy and Vanna White also both have stars, but they are considered “successful TV industry personalities” and not “reality TV stars,” according to CNN.

The rules aren’t set in stone. In the end, Miss Martinez said, “We just want to bring the tourists to Hollywood.”

‘Good Morning America’ closing in on ‘Today’

ABC’s “Good Morning America” is closing in on the morning show lead long held by “Today,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“GMA” has narrowed its No. 2 standing behind its NBC rival to the lowest it’s been in four years, Bloomberg reported.

The ABC program, hosted by George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts, trails “Today” by only about 500,000 total viewers.

Today is averaging 5.03 million viewers per day, up 6.7 percent from a year ago, while GMA is at 4.46 million, up 15 percent.

James Goldston, who was named senior executive producer of “GMA” six months ago, attributes the show’s gain on “Today” to its revamped features, including its cooking segments, as well as its daily entertainment segment.

“We’ve got a show that is working very well,” Mr. Goldston told Bloomberg. “We’re heading into the fall and the future with more confidence.”

Meanwhile, “Today” recently underwent a talent change, with Ann Curry replacing Meredith Vieira as Matt Lauer’s co-host in June.

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