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Governors: Let states decide Medicaid spending

The nation’s 29 Republican governors want Congress to loosen federal restrictions on how states spend money on health care for poor and disabled Americans.

In a report Tuesday, the GOP governors said states should have a bigger role in determining benefits and who’s eligible for them under the joint federal-state Medicaid program.

They also want Congress to undo an expansion of the program from its current 69 million beneficiaries to 95 million over the next decade under President Obama’s 2010 health care overhaul. The governors are hoping the report gives them a voice in the upcoming debt debate on Capitol Hill.

Democrats have long expressed fears that switching Medicaid money to so-called block grants would enable governors to balance their budgets by reducing health care for the poor.


Trial deciding ownership of sex tape delayed

RALEIGH — A judge has agreed to delay the civil trial over who owns a purported sex tape of John Edwards because of the former presidential candidate’s pending criminal case.

Mr. Edwards‘ former mistress, Rielle Hunter, sued his former aide Andrew Young in 2010 over ownership of several items, including an intimate video made by Miss Hunter.

Mr. Edwards was indicted in June on felony charges of violating federal campaign finance laws over about $1 million provided by donors to help hide his pregnant mistress during his presidential campaign. His lawyers in that case requested a delay in the civil case out of concern that information disclosed from that trial could taint his criminal case.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Carl Fox issued an order Tuesday delaying the civil trial until March 26.


Ex-speaker to plead guilty in corruption case

HARRISBURG — A former Pennsylvania House Speaker plans to plead guilty in a state corruption case.

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