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Jenkins is one of several players the Redskins acquired during the offseason because of how their talents fit into a 3-4 alignment. After shoehorning personnel assembled to run a 4-3 into a 3-4 alignment in Shanahan’s first season, the Redskins identified an extensive list of needs.

Jenkins is powerful enough to set the edge in the run game and collapse the pocket in passing situations. The Redskins‘ starting ends last season, Kedric Golston on the right side and Adam Carriker on the left, struggled in both areas. Haslett this season plans on starting Carriker on the left again with Bowen on the right. He wants Jenkins to be able to substitute on both sides.

“Scott Campbell [Redskins director of player personnel] did a great job and his staff of targeting the guys that fit this defense,” Haslett said. “He’s ideal for it. He’s a big human being. He’s very coachable. He likes to work.

“Everything you’re looking for at that position, he fits it well.”