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Dan Richardson, owner of Plaza 23, appealed a citation issued to his club because it did not have the new dance-hall license. Mr. Richardson, who previously obtained yearlong licenses in 2009 and 2010, told a county administrative board last week that he went to renew his license on July 6, but was told the county was no longer renewing them because of the pending legislation. The council approved the dance-hall bill 13 days later.

Plaza 23 was cited in November for not having the permit, even though he said he had applied for the license and was in the process of presenting the county with supporting information. The board rejected his appeal.

“All we wanted to do was operate our business while our application pended,” Mr. Richardson said. “If you say no, we’ll stop. But don’t stop my business until the new law starts. It doesn’t make sense.”

Daniel Irving, owner of Upscale Ballroom, was allowed to reopen it after making concessions to the concerns of authorities.

“I don’t have time to make problems with PG County,” Mr. Irving said. “I’m good right now. I don’t need to fight.”

Still, he said, he thinks club owners are being held accountable for larger issues the county faces.

“It’s always easy to pass the blame to the clubs,” he said. “These damn kids have lost their damn minds. That’s the problem.”