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Boltuch rejected the team’s claim.

“It was absolutely, unequivocally 100 percent not consensual,” Boltuch said. “And if it was, why was my client’s job duties removed and nothing was done to Mr. Ellis? To me that smacks of sexual harassment.”

Ellis‘ agent, Jeffrey Fried, said Wednesday that he was en route to Oakland and didn’t immediately have a comment.

According to the lawsuit, the Warriors changed Smith’s job description and eventually fired her after Ellis‘ wife, Juanika Ellis, learned of the texts and complained to team executives in January.

Smith said she told team executives that Monta Ellis told her he was using a “secret cellular phone” that was being kept by the team’s equipment manager and was in the name of a third party.

Smith, who has worked in similar jobs with the Washington Wizards and the Phoenix Suns, said Wednesday that it was tough to go public.

“It was pretty hard because I knew that essentially my career is over and it would be hard to re-establish myself after working so hard throughout the years,” said Smith, who believes she may be blacklisted in NBA circles.

According to the lawsuit, Smith said she told team officials that Ellis‘ wife called her on Jan. 7 and said, “I know about the secret phone.”

Shortly after that, Smith said Ellis told her that he met with team officials and general manager Larry Riley told him “not to worry,” and that “everything would be swept under the rug.”

The following month, Juanika Ellis apparently used her purse to push Smith into a wall during a Warriors home game, the lawsuit said. Smith said she believes that Ellis‘ wife believes Smith initiated the texts with the player.

“She was accusatory towards me,” Smith said Wednesday.

Boltuch said the team in February reduced Smith’s responsibilities, including interaction with Ellis and other players after she refused to resign.

“They offered her what I believe is a bribe,” Boltuch said. “They said, `It’d be best if you resign and we’ll give you some money.’ She rejected it.”

Boltuch said the team eliminated Smith’s position in August, more than a week after she notified the team that a reporter contacted her inquiring if Ellis was “stalking” her.

The lawsuit alleges retaliation, wrongful termination and intentional infliction of emotional distress and seeks unspecified damages.

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