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Saturday at the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am is when CBS Sports focuses primarily on the celebrities in the field, who don’t always take golf _ or the interviews _ all that seriously. David Feherty attempted to interview comedian George Lopez, who essentially spent his time in front of the camera making fun of the Irishman.

Feherty was riding his bike along 17 Mile Drive the next morning, still thinking about how Lopez buried him on TV, when he decided it was time for revenge. It was 6 a.m. and he knew the house where Lopez was staying, so Feherty went to the front door and began ringing the bell. Over and over and over.

No answer.

He took out his phone and called Lopez, and the comedian answered with a groggy voice.

“George! Why aren’t you answering the door?” Feherty told him.

Lopez informed him that his door bell wasn’t ringing. Just at that moment, Feherty heard another groggy voice, slightly perturbed, through the intercom.

“Who is this?”

Feherty froze. He was at the wrong house. Lopez was in the one on the other side of the road.

“I was looking at him across the street,” Lopez said. “I think I’ve still got a picture of it. He looked like a wet rat.”


Bo Van Pelt walked up to the porch at the Augusta National clubhouse to find his caddie waiting for him with the golf bag and listening to a man on the bench telling stories.

“Bo,” caddie Mark Chaney said. “Have you met Bob Goalby?”

For the next hour, the 1968 Masters champion regaled Van Pelt with stories about practice rounds with Ben Hogan, about the stories Sam Snead once told at the Champions Dinner at Augusta, about playing in the Ryder Cup against British players hardly anyone knew.

Van Pelt didn’t want to leave. Goalby would finish a story, there would be a long pause, and then he would start another.

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