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To seek the wisdom of the children

And the graceful way of flowers in the wind

For the children and the flowers

Are my sisters and my brothers.”

Hmm. If you think about it, this puts children on a par with plants. But Mr. Denver (full disclosure: I like his music) goes on:

“It is written from the desert

To the mountains they shall lead us

By the hand and by the heart

They will comfort you and me

In their innocence and trusting

They will teach us to be free.”

Children teaching us? Isaiah 11:6 says “a little child shall lead them,” but it was in the context of the coming Messiah, not a New Age pipe dream.

The great American divide runs far deeper than politics. It’s about worldview. One side, like America’s Founders, believes that human beings incline toward evil and that no system can perfect our nature and that most worsen it. Our only hope is in God and in limiting man’s power over man.

On the other side are those who believe man is naturally good. If we create a powerful enough government directed by really smart young people, we’ll evolve toward John Denver’s vision of childlike generosity.

Children may be able, as the Scriptures indicate, to model childlike faith. Expecting any more is downright childish, but it sure makes good campaign rhetoric.

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