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“Sometimes I might be inspired by a woman on the street, or an old movie _ or a new movie. I have been very influenced by `Tron,’ the first one, not the new one,” he says. “I’ve seen the second one, but it’s not as good.”

Other favorite films of Gaultier include “Avatar,” “Megamind” and Luc Besson’s “The Fifth Element,” for which he designed the costumes.

“I love to go to the cinema, in the theater when I have time, and concerts. I love to just go places. I love to be there, wherever `there’ is,” Gaultier says. “I like to see things all at once as they’re meant to be done. I don’t like to start and stop _ like you do watching a movie at home.”

Gaultier says he’ll be there when this exhibition opens on June 17.