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In 2006, Magliocchetti made a one-time $23,050 contribution for a table sponsorship for the annual dinner of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation.

When Patrick J. Kennedy, a Rhode Island Democrat, was a member of the Appropriations Committee, there was another draw for Magliocchetti. Murtha was one of two people selected to receive the 2006 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. The award, presented by Caroline Kennedy and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, was to recognize Murtha for his November 2005 decision to reverse himself and call for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Murtha’s campaign fund spent $15,000 on tickets to the dinner.

Magliocchetti also gave $9,184 in 2005 to the Robert H. Mollohan Family Charitable Foundation Inc., the family charity of another longtime member of the House Appropriations Committee, Rep. Alan B. Mollohan.

Mr. Mollohan, West Virginia Democrat, lost his re-election bid last year. The foundation, which helps fund educational opportunities for West Virginia students, was named for the former congressman’s father, who also served in the House.

Magliocchetti gave $46,600 to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. Several members of the black caucus are on the House Appropriations Committee.

Among other charities with connections to members of Congress to which Magliocchetti gave donations was the Robert T. Matsui Foundation for Public Service, named for a deceased Democratic congressman from California whose wife, Doris, now holds that seat. Magliocchetti gave the foundation $5,000.

He also gave $1,000 to the William L. Clay Scholarship and Research Fund, founded by Rep. William L. Clay Sr., Missouri Democrat, who was succeeded by his son, William Lacy Clay Jr.

In May 2008, he spent $4,800 for tickets to the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, which was honoring Rep. Ellen O. Tauscher, California Democrat, who was chairman of the House Armed Services subcommittee on strategic forces. In 2009, she left the House to become undersecretary of state for arms control and international security.