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Manning the register was Northeast resident Albert McCray, a longtime colleague of Mr. Troy, who has a smile and kind word to say about every purchase he rings up.

“We take cards, we take cash, we take whatever we need to do to work with you,” Mr. McCray said, adding he’s seen such oddities as traffic stop lights for sale along with numerous lamps and tables, many of which have ended up at his own home.

As he held up a blue-and-red fringed shoulder bag to admire the look, its new owner, Anna Strand, beamed and said that she “loves it.”

Then she eagerly exchanged a handful of bills to cover the cost of the purse and a colorful rug for her Woodley Park apartment.

The store has always been a popular spot for Ms. Strand and others to browse on weekends.

She said she comes to Ruff & Ready once a month, to at least peruse the merchandise, because unlike popular chains, the store stocks things so that the purchase “is something only you have.”

“You have to look, but that’s part of the fun,” she said.