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In between sobs, Miss Aspin explained to the Sun that Fielder-Civil cannot comprehend what happened to his former spouse.

“He is devastated and shattered. He just can’t take it in that she’s dead and he’ll never see her again,” Miss Aspin told the Sun. “Blake rang me on Saturday after the prison authorities told him she’d died. I just couldn’t console him. He was in total shock.”

Miss Aspin said Fielder-Civil and Winehouse were a rare kind of couple.

“I saw him and Amy together and I know they were really in love and they were soul mates,” Miss Aspin said. “She always loved him and he always loved her - but it was just never going to work.”

Winehouse and Fielder-Civil both struggled with substance abuse problems. Two years after their 2007 marriage, the pair divorced, and Winehouse was quoted as saying, “Our whole marriage was based on doing drugs.” Early that year, Winehouse told British tabloid News of the World that she was “off the drugs for good” and having a ball with her new boyfriend.

“I’ve finally escaped from hell,” Winehouse told News of the World in January 2009. “I’m in love again, and I don’t need drugs. Look at me; I’m glowing!”

Compiled by Laura Donovan and Michael Mayday, 2011 The Daily Caller