- - Sunday, July 3, 2011


Governor plans to cancel $77 million in pay raises

SPRINGFIELD, Ill.Gov. Pat Quinn, a Democrat, wants to skip raises for thousands of state employees to help cope with the Illinois budget crisis.

The administration notified 14 state agencies and employee unions that the 2 percent raises won’t be paid as required by contract because lawmakers did not include enough money in the new state budget.

“If the state paid these increases, the impacted agencies would not be able to make payroll for the entire fiscal year, preventing them from continuing operations and providing core services to the people of Illinois,” said a statement from Quinn spokeswoman Mica Matsoff.

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann (left) speaks with Sheila Reiland of Iowa City, Iowa, during a breakfast chat at the Bluebird Diner on Saturday in Iowa City. The event kicked off Bachmann's Iowa Bus Tour. (Associated Press)
Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann (left) speaks with Sheila Reiland of Iowa ... more >

She said canceling the raises would affect nearly 30,000 employees and save the state more than $75 million.


Tired air traffic controllers can skip work, FAA says

Federal aviation officials say air traffic controllers will be allowed to use sick or annual leave time if they are too tired to work.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday it has reached an agreement on with the National Air Traffic Controllers Association on several policy changes aimed at keeping controllers alert on the job, especially during overnight shifts.

Since April, the FAA has disclosed seven instances of controllers sleeping on the job this year. In one case, two airliners landed without assistance from a controller who was dozing.

Controllers will also now be allowed to listen to the radio and read on overnight shifts when air traffic is light.


GOP candidate Pawlenty raises $4.2M in quarter

A campaign aide to Tim Pawlenty says the Republican presidential hopeful raised $4.2 million in the fundraising period that ended Thursday.

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