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ST. PAUL, Minn. — As Minnesota’s government shutdown drags on, Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican legislators are likely seeking a way out.

Experts say they have several options for reaching a compromise, including one that doesn’t involve raising taxes.

Former state finance commissioner Tom Hanson says he foresees Republicans agreeing to spend more than the $34 billion they’d proposed as a spending limit but seeking ways to pay for it other than an income tax hike. Mr. Hanson served under Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty and he says that’s the worst tax increase option.

Mr. Dayton has sought an income tax increase on the state’s top earners, saying they can afford it.

Some other options for raising money include further delays in school aid payments, surcharges on medical providers, expanded gambling or issuing bonds for tobacco payments.


Bachmann wooing Iowa ahead of key GOP poll

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — Republican candidate Michele Bachmann spent Saturday shaking hands in Iowa diners and strolling through a bustling farmers market as she tried to capitalize on her early popularity in the state that kicks off the presidential campaign season.

An Iowa native, the tea party favorite ranked nearly even with GOP front-runner Mitt Romney in a recent poll of Republicans likely to participate in the state’s lead-off caucuses next year. But just six weeks before the state’s closely-watched straw poll, the Minnesota congresswoman has done little to campaign or set up an organization here.

Beginning her first sustained campaign trip to Iowa as an announced candidate, Mrs. Bachmann introduced herself to audiences from Iowa City to Des Moines in a new campaign bus emblazoned with her name. She spent much of Saturday posing for pictures and signing autographs rather than in meetings with key GOP activists.

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