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The latter is where Atogwe comes in. Over the past four seasons, his annual total of interceptions, forced fumbles and fumble recoveries has averaged 8.75.

“Just all around play-making ability, I believe I’m one of the best,” he said. “I come up with turnovers when we need it.”

Haslett was the defensive coordinator in St. Louis who first promoted Atogwe to the Rams’ starting lineup in 2006. Haslett lobbied Shanahan to bring him to Washington.

“He’s a ballhawk,” Haslett said. “I just think he kind of settles everybody down. He’s got a great demeanor, and he’s a good tackler.”

All of the additions reflect well on paper, at least. Now they must learn the Washington’s defense before the season opener Sept. 11 against the New York Giants.

The lockout delayed free agency until last week, so Cofield, Bowen and Wilson just now are being introduced to the Redskins‘ scheme. Bowen at least came from the Cowboys’ 3-4; Cofield played in the Giants’ 4-3, so his learning curve is steeper.

Atogwe has a feel for what Haslett wants because of their time together in St. Louis. Kerrigan got to know a bit of the playbook and terminology at the players-only offseason workouts. Jenkins did not attend those.

“We’re going to have guys that it’s going to take them a little while to learn,” Haslett said, “but that’s kind of how the game is right now.”