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It’s easy to make an argument that he’s currently the best player never to win a major, but whether McIlroy’s likelihood of becoming the latest player to leapfrog him has anything to do with Westwood’s reluctance to give the kid his due is pure speculation. To be sure, McIlroy has given back as good as he’s got.

And either way, Chubby Chandler, the agent for both men, went out of his way Saturday to make it sound as though all the golfers in his stable get along famously. He regaled reporters with stories of dinners this week, noting that both he and Westwood have already picked up tabs and that Saturday night’s bill is going to wind up in front of McIlroy.

Even so, Westwood refused to commit to being at the table.

“I don’t know,” he said when asked whether he planned to dine with McIlroy. “Depends what time he gets finished.”


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