- - Thursday, June 23, 2011


Rapture predictor’s radio show replaced

OAKLAND — The weekday Christian radio show hosted by failed apocalypse predictor Harold Camping, who suffered a stroke earlier this month, is being taken off the air.

The Oakland Tribune reported Thursday that Mr. Camping’s Family Radio station would be replacing the 89-year-old’s show, Open Forum, with new programming soon. The station has been playing repeats since his stroke.

Mr. Camping predicted Judgment Day would occur, first in 1994 and again on May 21 this year.

Mr. Camping’s media empire spent millions of dollars, some culled from his followers’ donations, over seven years on billboards and other publicity for his 2011 predictions about the spiritual Rapture in May and the end of the world in October.

Judi Rathbone of Family Radio says Mr. Camping is in the hospital continuing to recover from the effects of his stroke.


Ex-pediatrician guilty of child sex abuse

GEORGETOWN — A former Delaware pediatrician was found guilty of sexually assaulting scores of young patients for more than a decade and could face life in prison.

Earl Bradley, 58, was found guilty Thursday by a judge who presided over a one-day trial earlier this month. Bradley’s sentencing is in August.

Bradley waived his right to a jury trial after the judge allowed prosecutors to present a videotape of Bradley abusing the children. The video was found during a 2009 search of Bradley’s office and contained more than 13 hours of footage.

Bradley’s defense attorneys opted for the quick trial so they could appeal the judge’s decision allowing the videos.

Bradley was arrested in December 2009 after a 2-year-old girl told her mother the doctor hurt her at his office.


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